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yesterday was cold...

i remember when i was really little, maybe 3 or 4, my dad was carving a pumpkin for me. it was going to be the superest pumpkin ever. but then he cut himself somehow, and he had to go to the hospital to get stitches. 6, in his hand. and we walked to the hospital, cause my best friend megan's house was on the way. he dropped me off there, and megan and i weren't even sure what exactly was going on but we knew it was scary. so her mom told us "first, we're going to play dress-up, then we'll have a snack, and read a story after that." and we wanted to know what if he still wasn't back to get me. we'd watch a video, she said. and everything felt so much safer within that plan, because she was bigger than us and she knew that it would all be ok.

today i came home and my parents weren't here. the note on the door said they'd be back soon, but it's been an hour and a half and i'm still the only one home. there was advil and tylenol on the kitchen table and someone had yoinked my midol from my bathroom and put it on the table too. and i'm making too many conjectures now, but i'm so afraid that something happened. i wish i could still play dress-up and have a snack and read a story. but i'm supposed to go see my boyfriend tonight and what if they're not home by then? why is there this horrible feeling in my stomach?

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