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Chris' House

I remember one of my first friends. It was back in kindergarten or first grade, when I had first moved into my house. I met this kid named Chris Kennedy, who lived two houses down the street from me, on my side of the street. I don't quite remember how I met him, but I remember that we were quite good friends. He was two years older than me or so, since I remember him moving out when I was about in third grade, and he was in fifth. He took karate, red belt, if I recall correctly. He had a dog, this giant friendly golden retriever, and his sister had a cat. Their pets got along rather well.

Chris lived in his house before it was fenced off, and his yard was huge. There was a nice little ditch that led from a sewer drain for water runoff from rainy days.

I don't remember much about Chris, as far as how he sounded or what he looked like. I assume he was my first touch of nerdiness- after all, what kind of fifth grader would hang out with a third grader, just the two of them?

I have a few memories of him. Us jumping up and down on his bed, and he kicked me in the stomach on accident. Setting up his buckets of army men around his room and fighting mock battles, turn-based style.

But one of the clearest memories I associate with him is when I had known him for a year or so. After school, we entered his house through the front door-- which didn't have a screen nor glass storm door then-- and we sat down and flipped channels for a bit. We decided to put in Captain America, which was a movie with actors and everything. He wouldn't let me watch a beginning scene, telling me it was too scary. He told me to close my eyes until he said it was okay. I always wonder what it was that I had missed that day. The thought that I could handle it popped into my head, but I never opened my eyes.

I still don't know what happens in that opening scene. I don't recall the movie at all, and I haven't watched it since that time, over at Chris' house.
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