melissa (twisted_words) wrote in parachute_x,

remember that summer weekend together?

I will never forget you... remember that weekend?

Remember when I invited you to come hang and meet my new friends? And we were all watching Fast&Furious and perhaps I was still a little drunk after a couple of hours because I decided to make the move to plop right next to you on the couch, throw a pillow on you and lie myself on top of you? And remember when you put your arm around me and all I did was start carressing your arm? Remember when you started to touch my hair and slowly everyone started to leave the room and we were alone to watch the last scene of the move? And then the credits came out, and we were lying on the couch together in the dark and just started talking. And then I remember how nervous you must've felt, trying to decide when to do it... And then all of a sudden I felt your sweet lips touch mine?

And remember the night after that? Do you remember how I sacrificed my safety for you? Remember the blue tank and jean shorts? The black bra and the maroon panties? Remember the late night Saturday tv shows we were watching? Remember we were trying to find something good on but all we found was the ending of Hannibal, Telletubbies, and Robin Williams with his R-rated personality? And remember how much fun we had that night? Remember all the things that had happened in the matter of three hours? I remember how you would brush my hair and rub my back. I remember when I just crawled right next to your body. I remember I felt like I had no worry at all. I remember feeling so serenaded, so peaceful. I remember I was about to fall asleep. I remember finally deciding to go back home... at 6am.

And I remember how much I had scared you the day afterwards. I remember how you kept on asking how I felt, and if I was okay and if I was in trouble. I remember how you said you were so surprised because you are the only one of the few who knows the deepest secrets and the truth about me. I remember how you would make fun of me because I apparently was saying things that night that I must have said subconsciously.

But I will never forget... just how it felt... to be held and carressed under the blanket. On the couch. Alone. In the silence.
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